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  1.   “cross country skiing...
  2.   “i like trees...
  3.   (agenda and february’s financial statement are here.)
  4.   (for a closer view of a bloom, click here.)
  5.   10 to 15 knots from the south today, then lighter air now forecast for sunday, west 5 – 10 knots.
  6.   60% chance of rain today, and about the same (it varies from 40 to 60%)for the next week.
  7.   a 50% chance of rain today in the forecast, and about the same for the rest of the week.
  8.   a group of birders to hobucken this afternoon…
  9.   a wrap-up of the town board’s march meeting is here.
  10.   abandoned boat law passes - but not for pamlico:
  11.   all quiet on the tropical storm front.
  12.   almost an inch of rain overnight,
  13.   along with mid to upper 80s.
  14.   an opening reception for ben and his work on thursday.
  15.   andrea bruce photos - village gallery - july/aug
  16.   andrea comes to oriental:
  17.   background on the story is here.
  18.   ben filed this column about a morning on the water…
  19.   bow to stern youth sailing camp
  20.   busted. they’re in the july mug shots.
  21.   candidates for the 2013 elections:
  22.   carpools, and we’re told, room for more folks.
  23.   check it out
  24.   chinese new year in oriental, 2013:
  25.   click here
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