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The site google.co.ug has mostly english words in its hostname. The most recent attempt by our crawler to fetch the root page resulted in a temporarily redirected (302) status. The site is hosted on a single IP address,, and there are hundreds of other sites hosted on this IP, such as google.tw, www.google.rw, and google.to. The parent domain google.co.ug has several other sites associated with it, for example, books.google.co.ug, bks3.books.google.co.ug, and groups.google.co.ug.

Web dictionary words in site hostname:

  •   No matches found.

Last load HTTP status:

  •   302 (temporary redirect)

IP this site is hosted on:

  1. (808 sites on IP)

IP (IPv6) this site is hosted on:

  1.   2607:f8b0:400c:c01::5e (807 sites on IP)

Parent domain of this site:

Name servers of this site:

  1.   ns1.google.com (15,267,783 sites on name server)
  2.   ns2.google.com (15,267,747 sites on name server)
  3.   ns3.google.com (15,264,802 sites on name server)
  4.   ns4.google.com (15,264,539 sites on name server)

Anchor text pointing to this site:

  1.   google search
  2.   google.co.ug
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Referers directly linking to pages on this site:

  1.   http://boumshimbun.com/
  2.   http://ihsu.ac.ug/
  3.   http://ssnagas.blogspot.com/
  4.   http://www.boumshimbun.com/
  5.   http://www.ihsu.ac.ug/


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