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The site blogs.ubc.ca has mostly english words in its hostname. The most recent attempt by our crawler to fetch the root page was successful. The site is hosted on a single IP address,, and there are a few other sites hosted on this IP. The parent domain blogs.ubc.ca has a small number of sites associated with it, for example, blogs.ubc.ca, and www.blogs.ubc.ca.

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  1.   dns3.ubc.ca (2,236 sites on name server)
  2.   hub.ubc.ca (2,286 sites on name server)

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  1.   “let freedom ring” events for culmination of 50th anniversary of march on washington and mlk dream
  2.   a child’s alphabet
  3.   a website
  4.   abject learning
  5.   abject learning [brian lamb]
  6.   aboriginal k-12 math symposium
  7.   aboriginal math k-12 symposium
  8.   academic libraries in canada & askey
  9.   academic texts are assembled
  10.   adventures in the field
  11.   agenda
  12.   alex pysklywec, i
  13.   all ubc library posts »
  14.   an overview of appreciative inquiry in evaluation
  15.   are you open enough?
  16.   art history students' association
  17.   blog
  18.   blog by zahra
  19.   blog squad
  20.   blogs
  21.   blogs.ubc.ca
  22.   blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/201…
  23.   blogs.ubc.ca/healthyminds/2013/02/01/get-the-free-rapid-hiv-test
  24.   blogs.ubc.ca/paths
  25.   blogs.ubc.ca/queeru
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  2.   http://21stcenturyconfidence.com/
  3.   http://2centcomments.com/
  4.   http://666444.tk/
  5.   http://abigbags.com/
  6.   http://abject.ca/
  7.   http://acclaimfurniture.com/
  8.   http://activ8nz.com/
  9.   http://ahva.ubc.ca/
  10.   http://amoon.ca/
  11.   http://amsconfidential.wordpress.com/
  12.   http://anthropologyworks.com/
  13.   http://aplaceofmind.ubc.ca/
  14.   http://askajesusfreak.com/
  15.   http://attentiallebufale.it/
  16.   http://b-cuz.net/
  17.   http://barrydahl.com/
  18.   http://baumanresearch.wordpress.com/
  19.   http://bbs.gzktzt.com/
  20.   http://bccat.ca/
  21.   http://becomingresearcher.com/
  22.   http://bgblogging.com/
  23.   http://bhyousefi.com/
  24.   http://blogimzan.com/
  25.   http://bluesasianetwork.com/
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